Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ogie & Lene AlmoniƱa

I you happen to drop by at Quiapo in Hidalgo going to the China Town to look for cameras, Acel photography is a by-word. Just ask for Brother Ogie of Acel.

This person started his photo career as early as he reached high school being a helper of his cousin, who has a photo supply stall in Quiapo. Now, he owns more than four stalls along Hidalgo to cater to your photographic needs. Brother Ogie offers the cheapest camera in the area. What I like most is their services. I bought my cameras, lenses and all of my photographic needs from Brother Ogie. From camera, tripod, lights, video, editing including albums, frames, photo/video editing, name it, they have it.

This husband and wife team, Ogie and Lene did not attain their present stature in a silver spoon and platter. It is a product of hardship, guts and faith. It is their experience and realibility that I admire most. I don't encountered any problem dealing with them especially on the technical aspect of the business. With more than four decades of experience, i dare not to question Ogies expertise when it comes to cameras and photo equipments. Ogie will just smile at you and render his comment, but never argues. They have been my friend and suppliers since I started taking pictures professionally for almost five years.